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UPDATED COVID-19 Guidance We Adhere to.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

With continued concerns over the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus, our guidance will be updated from time to time.

Safety of our customers, our employees, and our customer's information assets continues to be our number one goal. In addition to our Standard Workplace Safety & Security policy and procedures, we have implemented this updated COVID-19 Guidance plan designed to keep our employees up to date on changing virus transmission details, emergency alerts, as well as, sanitation and client contact requirements.

This guidance plan specifically addresses:

Sanitation procedures for DataPoint equipment and facility - multiple schedules per day, per shift.

  • Workspaces

  • Computers

  • Scanners

  • Hard surfaces, door handles, keypads

  • Light switches

  • Containers, locks

  • Vehicles interior surfaces

  • Vehicles exterior handles and latches

  • Disposable surgical gloves required when handling tapes, scanners, computers, equipment

Handling Non-DataPoint equipment usage - how to safely handle non-DataPoint equipment.

  • Customer owned equipment

  • Public spaces

  • Gas pumps, key pads, etc.

Overall Best Practices - how to ensure that we are personally safe.

  • Hand washing

  • Personal hygiene

  • Personal wellness monitoring

  • Company travel and overnight project safety

Workflow & Contact.

  • Effective immediately - all employees have been designated work areas

  • Effective immediately - all employees will have designated vehicles

  • Effective immediately - all employees will wear disposable surgical gloves in handling all work equipment

  • No hand shakes

  • No fist bumps

  • No close standing - definition of appropriate space

  • You may notice DataPoint employees using gloves to enter/exit your facility and handle equipment

  • This is an additional safeguard for our customers and our employees.

Updates - News Alerts and Declarations.

  • Regular updates to our employees and partners

  • As needed updates to customers

  • Monitoring of industry moves and issues

  • Adjustment of policies and procedures when applicable

Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss any specific requirements that may arise in your organization.

DataPoint will remain flexible in the application of our services and will work with your team to make adjustments when and were required.

As of 03/19/2020 - DataPoint continues to operate 365/24/7 and as customers require.

This includes all DataPoint product/service offerings - (examples below):

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly tape pickup & vaulting (rotations)

  • Onsite tape swapping

  • Emergency requests

  • Disaster declarations

  • Disaster recovery transportation

  • Destruction project requirements

  • Co-Location data center services

  • Server Hosting

  • Cloud backup

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with your organization and please stay safe.

Quick Snapshot at what we at DataPoint are doing to try

keeping everyone safe!

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